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Although our focus is custom-milled work for model ship builders, we also supply wood to carvers, wood turners and all types of model building and woodworking. We have been supplying wood for ship modeling since 1984 and have assisted many customers in selecting the perfect wood for their projects. The Lumberyard

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San Felipe Build Log
Click on image for the San Felipe Build Log
Satisima Trinidad Build Log
Click on image for the Satisima Trinidad Build Log
Sultana Build Log
Click on image for the Sultana Build Log
Captain Kidd (lindberg) Build Log
Click on image for the Captain Kidd Build Log
Captain Kidd (lindberg) Build Log
Click on image to go to Captain Kidd Build Log

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Panart San Felipe
Follow these links (FORUM) or (THIS SITE) to view San Felipe Build Log
Constructing now by Donald B. Driskell of Ships of Scale
1st Rank Cruiser Russian Imperial Fleet "Varyag" by Vasilenko Vyacheslav Evgenievich from Russia, Chelyabinsk
Ship Frigate Sirius
Model from the "Zvezda" company. Plastic, acrylic paint, brush. This is the Ship-Frigate Sirius by Serge.
Virginia 1819

Model of Artesania Latina Virginia 1819 by Brian Stein. This is Brian's first wooden ship build !
LeCanot Imperial
The model is scratch built on the basis of the original plans, purchased from the Maritime Museum in Paris, where the original ship is on display. It is built to 1:25 scale. The hull is mostly Pear Wood with some Walnut, the Cabin is built in Peroba Rosa and Holly. (Materials come from Lumberyard). The carvings are made in European Boxwood.

Model of LeCanot Imperial by Janos
Gunboat Philadelphia
Model Expo Gunboat Philadelphia by Jim Pratt
Scratch Build Hindu Schooner
Scratch Build Hindu Schooner by Mal MacDonald
Royal Caroline by Normand Lavoie
Royal Caroline by Normand Lavoie
1:24 Mediterranean Diorama by Babak Tizkar
Jotika H.M.S. Victory by John Amdon
1:24 Mediterranean Diorama by Babak Tizkar
1:24 Mediterranean Diorama by Babak Tizkar
OcCre Satisima Trinidad by Donald B. Driskell
OcCre Satisima Trinidad by Donald B. Driskell
Benjamin Latham by Mal MacDonald
Benjamin Latham by Mal MacDonald
Columbus Fleet by Mal MacDonald
The Columbus Fleet by Mal MacDonald
Oseberg Viking Ship 720 by Brian Cooper
HMS King George V by Marty N.

Tamiya 1/350 scale model of the British battleship HMS King George V, as she was painted when she was serving with the British Pacific Fleet in 1945. The model itself is airbrushed, and the weathering is a combination if airbrush and dry brushing techniques.
About This Site
Me I created this website in hopes that it would be an asset to other modelers like myself.

When I started building my first wooden ship back many years ago, I did not have the guidance, nor anyone to turn for help. The model was going to take a lot of patience and time to complete. Back then, I was anxious to get it built not knowing that building ships can be a process of time, dedication, patience, endurance.

Building ship models, especially the wooden kind, is an art, and requires learning a new talent and even a new language of the ships parts and components. The manuals, instruction, and plans are all written expecting the ship modeler to already have some foundation knowledge of nautical terms.

Again, be patient and willing to stay with your ship and complete it. The next one you build will bring even more satisfaction. Yes, there will be mistakes and problems along the way, but this is all part of being an artisan.

I put this site together for you, the new Ship Modeler to learn. This site will grow and develop as I add new content.

By the way, I want to hear from you. Send me your photos of your ships so that I can post them on the new Contributors Gallery.


Donnie Driskell

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