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To my Dear long-term modeling friends, you probably are already familiar with our yearly Donation Drive. However, to our new friends since last year, this is all new to you. And by the way, we have added 2715 new members in just one year. These are real numbers and not hype or manipulating the data.

However, we know that numbers are not everything. What is important at Ships of Scale is to fully enjoy the hobby, and have a welcoming forum without the politics. As we always say, "Build what you like, and like what you build." Ships of Scale does not have any agenda, but only to promote the enjoyment of the hobby.

Now, the forum has grown so much that it is a job within itself to keep things running. We have added staff each of their own personal skill sets to help of which I am forever grateful. All the Admins and Moderators bring their own unique set of talent to the forums that I could not do it all alone - it would be an impossible task.

Therefore, to my long term and newly aquired friends, once again, I am asking for a little Donation. It does not take much if we all chipped in. Let me explain. Recently, I had no choice but to increase our server disk space as we were running out of space quickly. You all know what that means. No one would have been able to upload any images nor any post. The server was giving me warnings that I had to do something. So, our team and staff had to make some decisions. We now have more storage space now and can breathe a sigh of relief, but this comes at a little more cost as anyone would obviously know.

It has always been difficult for me to ask, but we all enjoy this hobby so much, but I have to get past that embarrassment and must ask - Please Donate !!! It does not take a lot from each of you to continue to enjoy this great forum.

Just think of the material you have access to: History, Build Logs from all Genre' from Wood to Card Stock, Wooden Model Aircraft, Stage Coaches, Carvings, Tutorials, and how-to's, Plans, along with CAD and so much more that is offered here that we do not charge to have access to.

In conclusion, I want to thank all of your for your current and past contributions as it is much appreciated. I also want to thank you in advance as there might not be a way that I can thank each of you in person, but I want to thank you right now for your support. It is modelers just like you that make Ships of Scale what it is today, a true International Ship Modeling Forum with members from all over the world !!!

Please Note:
The Donate link below, (just click on the image box) is very safe as it is a direct link to PayPal Secure Site. All of your Donations are safe.

Also, all of your Donations go strickly to maintaining and upgrading the Server, Annual Hosting Company Cost, Annual Forum Software License cost and Upgrades, Add-On enhancement Upgrades, and payments to software coding developers only as necessary.


Donald B. Driskell

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